Monday, August 8, 2011

Living James 1:27

Dear Friends,

Since arriving back home from Africa, I have been processing everything I experienced.  It has been difficult to deal with some of what I saw on my trip.  Thank you all for reading here and working through it with me.  The trip was hard.  Uganda and Kenya are hard places.  There are millions of God's precious people there without the resources to take care of themselves.  Many of them are children.  Hungry children.  Hungry for food and clean water, but also hungry for love and someone that cares.  Hope. 

I have an opportunity to go back.  Soon.  It is important, I feel, to go back to the very places I visited before.  Those children need to know that I have not forgotten them.  I love them.  I think about and pray for them every day.  The next trip with Visiting Orphans  (the only one until next summer) that will visit the places I need to go is October 12-24, 2011.  I feel God leading me back there. 

When I decided to take my first trip to Africa, many team members raised support for their trip while I felt like paying for it myself was what God wanted me to do.  A large sacrifice that I needed to make.  This time, however, I will need to raise the financial support to go.  Soon.  I don't have much time since plane tickets must be purchased ahead of time.  The trip costs approximately $3400.  This includes all of my logding, translators, transportation and food.  The only thing it doesn't include are the donations that we will need to take to the orphanages.

Please pray.  God can do this.  $2000 to purchase plane tickets is due by August 13th.  That's just 5 days away (there's a chance I may have a little more time than that).  I've paid $500, and that's all I have right now.

I am writing to ask you to partner with me on this trip by praying, encouraging and financially supporting me.  Please pray that our team will have unity and that our travels will be safe and we'll remain healthy.  Pray also that God will teach me more about Himself and especially pray that we'll be able to communicate God's love to the children we meet.

If you feel led to help me financially make this trip happen, you can make a donation (all donations are tax-deductible) at  After selecting the 'donate' tab, please select the OCTOBER 12-24, 2011 trip from the drop-down menu.  Then when you have an opportunity to name a specific team member, please click 'yes' and enter my name.

Thank you for considering being a part of my support team. If you need to contact me, please
email me:

Yours in Christ,

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