Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Time

It's here.  I'm leaving this evening to go spend the night in Washington D.C. before flying out in the morning to Addis and then to Nairobi.  I don't expect to have any Internet access while in Kenya.  On the 17th we will travel to Uganda, and there I may be able to get a signal every now and then. 

I plan to write while I'm traveling this time.  I was not able to do that last time.  I was completely exhausted in every sense of the word.  I wasn't expecting to be quite so shocked and emotionally drained the entire trip.  This time, knowing what to expect, I'm going to try to journal as I go instead of waiting until I get back.  It may not happen this way, but after the 17th check back because I may just have some things to tell you.  :-)

I cannot wait to get on that airplane and sleep.  I've been getting up at 2:30 AM, working 12 hours, and then trying to get packed and prepared for  the last several days.  Last night I went to bed at midnight and then was up at 2:30 and at work by 3:45.  I'm tired.  I need sleep.  I have 2 and a half hours left to work and then I'll leave for the airport. 

Since I'm leaving the country, my daughter has an infected wound on her arm.  Isn't that the way it goes?  Apparently she somehow got a splinter (Mom thought it was out but it wasn't) and now it's infected.  The school nurse got the rest of it out today and says that antibiotic ointment should heal it all up, but if it doesn't she'll have to see a doctor to get oral antibiotics.  Please pray that it heals nicely and there is no need to do the whole doctor thing.  My poor mom.  I don't know what I would do without her and David.  I need these next two weeks to go as smoothly as possible. 

Last night when I picked Brenna up from dance, she was so sad about me leaving.  She shed a few tears.  She's trying to be big about it all.  Poor kid.  I'm feeling REALLY guilty right about now.  She's so sweet.  She made I don't even know how many cards for me to give to the kids I will see.  She made them all bookmarks that say "Jesus Loves You and So Do I!"  Sweet girl.  She wrote in all of them that she prays for them every night, and that she does.  It's a different kind of life we are living right now.  I hope I'm doing  the right thing.  Sometimes I wonder.

She should have fun opening the gifts I have wrapped up for her for while I'm gone.  :-)

I should get back to work now.  I need to go for a walk or something.  :-)  I'm having a terrible time staying awake!

Please pray for protection and peace. 

Thank you so much!

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  1. Will be praying for you, your group, and Brenna, Barbie and David daily. Love you.