Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back at Fiwagoh! I LOVE this place!

I left Houston on Tuesday afternoon the 11th after working 12 hours.  I was already tired and had a LONG journey ahead.  I was excited.

Thursday morning we arrived in Nairobi and Daniel picked us up at the airport.  He was our Kenya driver on my last trip, and I just love him.

Daniel is really a wonderful part of our team.

Driving to Fiwagoh we saw these camels just walking along  :-)

Daniel took us straight to Fiwagoh in Nakuru, Kenya.  We drove through the gate and the children were screaming and running along beside the van just as they did when I was there before.  The windows were open, and they were grabbing our hands.

Then they realized they saw two familiar faces.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Diana and I had come back.  Their excitement and the hugs I got when I got off that van... priceless.  All 180 of those children have a story.  Most of them include abuse and abandonment.  I didn't go back to the United States and forget about them.  I won't abandon them.  They kinda liked that.  I LOVED being back there.

We had a great time with the kids.  They don't have pillows to sleep on, so we talked about Daniel and the lion's den and made Lion Pillows with them.  HUGE hit!

We spent lots of time playing outside.

They were all lined up to play 'What time is it Mr. Fox?"

We didn't even know what this game was, but the girls had a BLAST.

Reading a Bible story book.

I had gathered a little cash to take with me so that we could go to the market and buy food for these kids.  Their biggest struggle right now is that food prices have quite literally skyrocketed because of the drought.  The thought of these little ones not having food to eat just makes me feel sick.  

We shopped.

It was awesome.

We bought lots of rice and lots of beans.  We also bought some things like cleaning supplies, salt, cooking oil - things that they need.

When we got back, the kids all gathered around the truck.  They were so excited.  They hadn't had rice in awhile we heard.  I actually saw some tears.  Tears of excitement because we brought rice.  Rice.  Wow.  I just love those kids.

Looking for some strong muscles to help with the heavy bags of beans and rice.

Posing for pictures like it was Christmas morning.  

This is Pastor Benson.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  

This was an amazing opportunity to bless this family of 180 children and their parents, Pastor Benson and his wife Florence.  Thank you to all of you that help make this happen.

I've got to mention this last thing to you guys.  Maybe someone will decide they can help.  

In July when I was at Fiwagoh, there were two or three children there that had some pretty bad sores mostly on their heads.  We had some neosporin and left them with some of that to try to keep them from becoming infected.  When Diana and I got off the van this time, we weren't there 2 minutes before we realized these 'sores' had spread like wildfire.  MANY of the littles were covered in it.  Their heads and hands, some of them were bloody.

After we got settled in and talked to Benson about it, we learned he had taken 5 of the children the week before to the hospital and learned that it is a fungus.  They were prescribed some anti-fungal cream, but they don't have much.  They're treating it the best they can.  

One night we had all of the kids that had these sores to come to the front of the room and we spent some time praying over them.  I know God will heal these babies.

There are 2 VO teams going back to Fiwagoh in Dec/Jan.  I need anti-fungal cream to send with them.  Just regular over-the-counter AF cream - you know like athlete's foot medicine.  If you think about it next time you're at the store, maybe you could pick some up for these precious little ones.  

This is little Jonathan.  Poor baby.  It looked so painful.

Some of their little fingers looked a lot like Jonathan's ear.

If you're still with me, thanks for taking the time to see my pictures.  I just LOVE this place.  These kids LOVE Jesus.  They are SO dependent on Him.  I want to be like them.


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  1. Just bawling for these precious ones. Can NOT imagine not having the means or the medication to stop or prevent the spread of this fungus.
    You are right--- these kids LOVE Jesus--- in spite of or maybe because of their circumstances. Lord, help us see!