Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pillars of Hope Uganda

While in Jinja, we spent some time at Pillars of Hope.  This ministry rents a little (and I mean little) space that allows street children a safe place to come and play and receive a meal and learn about Jesus.  They also, with their very limited resources, try to send as many of these children to school.  By our standards, it costs VERY little to send a child to school in Uganda.  But... it is more than they have.  These children need sponsors in the United States so that they can stay in school and get off the streets.  One day the ministry leaders at Pillars of Hope plan to secure a safe place to actually house some of these street children that don't have a safe place to call home.

We were honored to be able to fit each child here with a new outfit and a new pair of shoes.  They were all so excited!

These kiddos were so sweet, and it just breaks my heart to think about what they must endure when they leave this safe place every evening.

Jesus come quickly...


  1. I see so many beautiful familiar faces!!! I visited Pillars of Hope last July and fell in love with a little girl named Hope and her sister Prossi. I think that the little girl in the blue and white striped shirt is Hope, it was so great seeing her again even if it was just in pictures. Thank you for sharing!