Friday, May 20, 2011

A Very Productive Day

Today was great.  After I took Brenna to school, I came home and went back to bed for awhile.  :-)  When I finally got started, I went on a hunt for some fabric paint.  We will be visiting a prison while we are in Uganda. A children's prison where approximately 200 children ages 8-16  are housed.  They really have less than nothing.  When we visit them, we will be teaching them about Joseph and all that happened in his life.  They will have a chance to make their own 'coat of many colors' of sorts by painting a t-shirt.  I found a package of 20 1 oz bottles of paint for $19.99 at Michael's.  Of course I bought them before I found and printed the online 40% off coupon, so a few hours after I bought them I returned them and bought them again with my 40% off coupon.  That $8 I saved paid for the 8 pairs of flip-flops I bought while I was there!

**Does anyone happen to know where I can get some CHEAP light-colored t-shirts for this project?  Since we need so many, each of us (the 23 on our team) are trying to pick up some.**

I've needed to get my hands on 30 rolls of scotch tape.  I went to Office Max and it was going to cost me a TON!  A friend of mine sent me a manufacturer's coupon (Scotch) for a dollar off and told me that Walgreen's had an awesome deal on scotch tape this week (ending tomorrow.)  I printed a bunch of the Scotch brand coupons and took Mom with me to Walgreen's (the store coupon said limit 3.)  The deal was buy one for $1.99 get TWO free.  So... with the two coupons together, I got 3 rolls of tape for $1.06, and the nice lady let me buy all that I needed.  YAY!!

We got 175 of the yarn/popsicle sticks kits put together this evening.  That is a craft project that is a cross necklace that the kids will make.  While I am only responsible for putting together 300 of them, there are 800 total being made.

Tonight I started thinking about how I wanted to get some bubbles.  You know the ones that have the long skinny wand that make the really big bubbles?  Doneva mentioned that she saw them at Walmart for a dollar.  So about 2 minutes later I was driving to Walmart, and now I have bubbles packed in a suitcase.

I would say that today was quite productive!!

... and just because she's cute...

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